3/2/10 - I added Spookshow Funnies sets & packs to the store, and will add Vile Valentines later in the week.

My wacky Packages design "Klepto Bismol" is available on the Topps website now here

2/22/09 - After a huge delay I velieve I have the website back in working order. This is the 1st test!

1/27/10 - Lots of new Original art was loaded on to the sales page as well as a prototype version of Mini Die Cut #3.

12/22/09 - I have been working hard getting myself more organized online. I hope to have this site cleaned up by the end of January. In the meantime I started a blog called the Shiverboneyard. This is where most of my new news will be posted as well as fun other things I like.

11/17/09 - I have finished the "Spookshow Funnies" trading cards. Read more about them here!

11/12/09 - I just opened my new Etsy shop here. All new postcards, ACEOs, prints and other paper things I make will be listed there from now on. Most paintings will still appear for sale here as will the Postcards which have already been made.

Many new ideas are in the works from higher quality postcards to hand made diecuts & games and even a trading card set of ACEOs based on classic 1960's monster card sets, yet using my artwork.

I'll keep this updated with all the new info. I should probably sign up for Twitter. Something new to worry about! :-)

10/26/09 - Holy Smokes! It is almost Halloween! I still have to come up with a costume..... the pressure is on!

I listed a new 4"x6" painting on the for sale page.

10/21/09 - I listed one of my sculptures from 2002 in the for sale section, as well as lowered the price on a couple paintings.

10/17/09 - I listed a couple of new pieces in the Original paintings for sale section of the website.

9/29/09 - The Big Top Gallery in New Orleans will be hosting my new Exhibit of 14 paintings. The show opens on 10/3 and runs to the 31st as part of the New Orleans Arts Festival "Art for Art's sake" Elizabeth Joan Kelly will provide the music for the opening. I am very excited about this new body of work, so come out and see it if you can!

I am scheduled to appear on the New Orleans Channel 4 WWL TV Morning show on Wednesday 9/30. This is an exciting opportunity to reach their 1.5 million viewers. I will be talking about the upcoming gallery show as well as my Halloween books and postcards.

9/21/09- 10/31 vol.3 is now available to order directly from Blurb. Volume 1 is going to be deleted on November 1st. If you'd like a copy you have about 6 weeks left before it goes out of print.

9/20/09- I listed a Dangerous Dessert painting for sale in the Paintings for sale page. This is a Dangerous Donut and he is not happy.

Copies of 10/31 have begun to ship if you preordered one. Expect them to arrive over the next copule weeks as I get the sketches done.

9/14/09- I listed a new piece on the Paintings sales page today, as well as lowered prices on 2 other pieces.

10/31 volume 3 should be ready to start shipping in about 10 days! If you have ordered one of my books from Blurb and are unhappy with the way it was printed, please feel free to ask them to reprint the book for you, I have had a few quality control issues lately, and want to make sure you know that you can ask if they will do that for you.

I am finishing up the final pieces for my gallery show at the Big Top which opens on October 3rd. I will be doing an invitation preview night where I will sign & sketch copies of my new book. IF you are interested in attending, send the gallery an email.

8/22/09 - I am finishing up the final bits of 10/31 vol.3, if you would like to be credited as owning a piece of art please let me know what you have & how you would like your name to appear. Thanks!

8/21/09 - I added a new 4"x6" Halloween piece to the For Sale page

8/14/09 - On ebay right now is a comic cover I drew for an auction benefitting the American Cancer Society. There is also a color sketch of the classic Spider-man villain "Morbius" included. If you feel like donating some money towards cancer research, why not give it a bid?

The book and Original Art sections of the sales page are now live.

8/13/09 - I am back from the Chicago Comic Con, it was a lot of fun. I got to meet doens of people in the flesh I had only talked to online before.

The left over exclusive pins & cards from Chicago have been added to the store, which has been completely revamped. By the end of the week, soem Original art & the books will be made available for sale. The Pre-order for volume #3 of 10/31 will be available in the store on Monday.

7/18/09 - Jeepers! I didn't realize it has beeen 6 months since I updated this. Life has been crazy lately for sure! I'll try to be better at updates.

I am going to be at the Wizard World Chicago Comic Convention August 6th through the 8th. I will be doing sketches at the Pop Culture Trading Pins booth and have some Original paintings for sale. I will also have two show exclusives, the 1st is a large card limited to 50 copies that I will be sketching on the backs of, the oher is a brand new Halloween Pin also limited to 50 copies.

I had a piece of art in The Big Top gallerie's Suitcase show "Rehab"/ I won a prize for it Hooray! I believe the show is up until the end of July. The Suitcase I created sold last week.

The 3rd volume of my book is almost ready, expect a pre-order email for the limited edition version in early August.

Monster Brains, a wonderful blog did a piece on me recently, as did the Right Some Good Blog.

1/22/09 - I added the rest of the Sold Out Postcard images to the postcards page. Many of these were exclusives and have not been readily available.

1/21/09 - I will be appearing at the New York ComiCon Feb. 6&7 at the Javits cernter in New York City. I will have 2 limited edition postcards done up specially for the show and will be doing sketches.

I have a Solo Show coming up In October at the Big Top Gallery in New Orleans, More details to follow.

Many more images have been added to my flickr site as well.

Happy New Year Everyone!

11/15/08 - About.com has done a little piece on my Halloween art. My Thanks To Connie Porcher & Barb Crews for putting that together for me.

I am now adding my new painting images on my flickr site instead of here so I don't have to keep redesigning the pages. This will allow me to expand with far more than I could here. Please take a peek!

Michael Bonfiglio has begun producing Halloween art again! As the co-founder of the shiverbones Group over 13 years ago, it is great to see him at it again. Visiti his site here.

10/11/08- I finally fixed the problem with the ordering button on August's postcard. I also just uploaded the new card for October, as well as listed the information about the 2nd volume of my book.

09/21/08 - With the recent move I made back to New Orleans (and escaping hurricanes!) as well as other shows I have been in and professional jobs, I have had no time to update this site. I apologize for that. A quick summary of recent news I hope to expand on in the next couple weeks.

- I will be at Halloween & Vine in Petaluma, CA on 9/27
- I currently have 4 paintings up at the Jonathan Ferrara Gallery here in New Orleans as part of the "No Dead artists" show. There is a review from the Gambit Weekly here.
- My 3 page comic "The Garden" is now on the stands in the 2008 issue of Tripwire magazine
- One of my paintings will grace the October cover of "Celebrate 365" magazine, as well as a short article on me inside.
-Volume 2 of my Halloween art book "10/31" will be ready to ship in bout 2 weeks.
- The pins I had made through Pop Culture trading pin company are now shipping out and available for sale on their site.

07/16/08- Wow! It has been an insanely busy few months! I have now moved back to New Orleans and am settling in nicely. The pin set prototypes are in, and they look wonderful, there will be an announcement in the next few days with pictures. I was at the Atlanta Gift Mart last weekend and the response to the pins was great.

I will also have a limited version of the promo postcard I was giving away at the show listed in the Postcard secion in a few days as well.

I will be appearing at Halloween & Vine This September, And will be bringing some nice Halloween themed oil paintings as well as smaller watercolors, pins & postcards. Come by and say Hello!

The 2nd Volume of my book, "10/31" is coming along, and should be available 1st week of September. More News to follow.

04/07/08 - I added 4 more scans to the Halloween art page. I am also experimenting with a paypal shopping cart on the Postcard ordering page.

02/05/08 - I updated my info section with a full bio and exhibition list. I have been meaning to do that for 2 years now, better late than never I suppose.

01/20/08 - I added the 1st two acrylics I have done this year to the Gallery and the for sale section. I have also been adding images to my Flickr photos page, many do not appear on this site.

12/16/07 - I have two small oil paintings in a show of miniatures in Alexandria right now - River Oaks Square Arts Center. The Show is up until the 1st week of January.

I am also about to begin my 2 week vacation in New Orleans. No new works will be offered until January as I need the break! See You next year!

12/04/07 - Looooong overdue, I know. I finally updated the Halloween gallery with 8 newer images.

I also put the Christmas cards from last year back up on the site, as well as added the two I have done so far this year. I amy get one more done for next week.

12/03/07 - December already! Yikes! Where does the time go.Thanks to everyone at the CGC boards VCC who bought nearly all of the work I offered this past weekend!

I noticed today someone is selling one of my sculptures from 2003 on ebay. There are 4 days to go left on the auction. I wonder what the reserve is.. I am tempted to win it back myself.

Currently I have a halloween and a Christmas themed painting up on ebay here.

11/13/07 - Updated the Limited halloween cards Gallery with the next 3 arrivals, ready to mail next week. I decided to produce a Christmas Postcard as well. The original painting is now available in the for sale section. I have always loved the little pincone elves, so I will probably do a few pieces with that imagery. That, and it's already been snowing here in Missoula...

11/05/07 - I updated several places on the site today, and hope to add some new images soon. The biggest change is all of the limited edition postcards are now available directly through this site.

I have opened up a comicartfans gallery, not only to show some of the artwork I have collected, but also to show my earlier comic art to the world. I have a good amount of work waiting to get added, and will do so as time permits. Some of the work is for sale.

11/04/07 - Great News! The paintings that remained from my show at the Big Top Gallery in New Orleans are moving over to Dante's Kitchen for a 3 month exhibition! I find the act of eating fine food and staring at angry cupcakes & flippant ice cream cones perfectly suited! I am not sure when they go up, I'll update the news as soon as I find out.

10/16/07 - The Gambit, The New Orleans City Paper has a review of my show. It's the second part of the article. It can be seen online here. Eric has some nice things to say about my work. .. Bosch of the playground...hmmm....

10/15/07 - I added a large group of work for sale to the website. Some of these are currently on display at the New Orleans Show currently running until the 27th. If you purchase one of these, you will have to wait until after the 27th for delivery. Many of these are brand new to the public and represent some of my favorite pieces I have done!

10/6/07 - The opening at the Big top Gallery in New Orleans for "The Clown Machine and Other Deceits" was a lot of fun and I sold several pieces. Hundreds of people came through the door to check out the work. Special thanks to Alka & Riverbottom Pipebomb for adding live music to the mix.

09/12/07 - I added a brand new painting "Junkie" to the gallery. This is going to be on display in New Orleans Next month.

"The Clown Machine And Other Deceits" is up at the UC Gallery in Missoula,MT until Saturday the 14th. From there it gets sent to New Orleans, along with several new pieces, to be displayed at the Big Top Gallery starting October 6th.

09/09/07 - I turned 34 - Hooray! My arm is still aching from a game of Basketball I played with some of the UM art faculty.

09/06/07 - My slide lecture on my work at the University of Montana went very well & I met some really nice people who came out to hear me talk. I wanted to thank everyone who came out for it!

08/28/07 - "The Clown Machine & Other Deceits" is currently up for view in Missoula, MT. I Was interviewed by Skylar Brown for the Missoulian, and here is the link to the article - Missoulian

08/27/07 - A few new images have been added to the gallery. These are part of the upcoming shows I am working on.

06/26/07 - Some changes have been made to the site, including information on my upcoming halloween book "10/31"

06/09/07 - I am finally able to update the site again, expect major changes in the upcoming week!

02/14/07 - Just updated the gallery with four new images. I also put a few photos from the Ceretana gallery show on my flickr account Flickr photos

01/29/07 - Whew! Its been Awhile! Updated the Current ebay postcards page with the last few offerings.

The Show at the Ceretana Gallery, in Missoula is going to be February 2nd, 2007. I am excited about it because I am showing some less traditional work, including 6 of my "Shopper's Guide Weekly Work Drawings" Which I will begin hosting on this site soon.

11/26/06 - I added a page showcasing the New Series of Ebay Halloween Weekly Postcards, as well as the new "Weird Christmas" Weekly postcards. These are fun, have a look! Its a great way to buy affordable art.

I will be in a Group show In the Ceretana Gallery called "Adult Fun" in Missoula, MT - More details as I get them.

10/15/06 - I am back From California, and had a great time meeting everyone. Thanks to everyone who came out to say hello. The show was a great success, and fifteen pieces found new homes.

I just began a major overhaul of the layout of the site. The Halloween works have their own gallery now, and I have begun a works for sale page, as the previous layout seems to have perplexed many viewers. More changes to come, including sculptures and other odds and ends.

The Surge Show At the Limner Gallery in Brooklyn is still going strong, so stop by and take a look if you haven't yet. I believe the Hudson Show wraps up this weekend, so time is runnign out to see "After School" there. There are many fabulous works in that exhibit, so stop by if you get the chance.

9/07/06 - I just found out I am in a show Here in Missoula, MT. The show is at the Ceretana Gallery and it opens Sept. 8th. The show is called "Art we Love: From Our Own Collections" Its a show in which selected artists hang a piece they like from their collection of other artists. My piece is from the Collection of Patricia Thornton. I don't have a scan of the painting on the site, but will try to change that soon.

"DO YOU BELIEVE YOU WILL EAT A GHOST?" I uploaded the Spookshows influenced painting I did for my appearance at the Halloween & Vine show in California Next Month. I had a lot of fun with this, and may experiment with the format further. Its located on Gallery Page 2.

9/03/06 - I added a New Halloween painting I'll have at Halloween and Vine. It may be My favorite halloween piece yet!

8/7/06 - I have been included on the JUXTAPOZ website in their reader art section, be sure to check it ou!

7/30/06 - MORE HUGE NEWS! I will have 3 paintings in the SURGE: NEW ORLEANS ON HIGH GROUND show at the Brooklyn Lyceum, in Brooklyn, NY Starting August 29th. I will try to be at the 9/16 celebration.

I updated the galleries with four new images, and there is now a second page to look at. I also Made the the announcement on the Halloween gallery Page that the weekly postcard series is over as of #18.

7/1/06 - HUGE NEWS! I have been chosen along with 18 other artists to be part of the group exhibit "Strange Figurations" at the Limner Gallery in Hudson, New York. My work will also be featured in the 2007 issue of "Direct Art" magazine as a result of this show. The show opens in September, and the painting chosen for inclusion is "After School" Contact the Limner Galler for more information: Limner Gallery

6/6/06 - I uploaded three new images to the Gallery. I noticed there is a problem with the "Nightmare clown Machine" pop up, I am working on fixing that.

5/12/06 - I updated the Photos to "After School" and "The Nightmare Clown Machine". These are much better shots with clearer detail and truer color. I started an etsy site, there are some Affordable older works for sale there that are not shown on this website. Matthew's Etsy Shop

4/26/06 - Added a New Painting to the Gallery "Little Helper" Large for me at 24"x30" I painted this in a two day fit of hysteria over a canvas I found at Goodwill.

Also Uploaded "After School" Which I have been working on for over a month. I really wish I could get better pictures, it just doesn't look true to life. I'm working on it...

One of My sculptures from 2003 Has been listed by a seller on ebay. Neat to see a bit of my past - Have a look Shiverbones Sculpture on ebay

4/23/06 - Uploaded My first Reduction Relief print to the Gallery.

4/19/06 - I uploaded the information on the Hillstock Greeting card , its on the Halloween Ebay Weekly Postcard Page.

4/17/06 - I have A New Painting in the Gallery. I also cleaned up the Halloween Postcard Gallery. I have started a flickr website which shows some other bits of art as well as more personal images from my life. The website can be found here... Flickr photos

4/14/06 - Hello Everyone! As promised The Halloween Postcard Archive link is up in the Gallery section. Maybe I am getting better at updating? Two New Images have been added to the Gallery as well.

Hillstock Greetings has Licensed an Image from me to produce a limited edtion Halloween Greeting card. Follow the link to see the card on their site, more info from me to come.

4/03/06 - Starting updates now, the weekly Halloween postcard archive will be up by 4/15/06. More Images in the Gallery are on the way as well.

I will be Appearing at the Halloween and Vine art show In Petaluma California on October 7th, 2006. I will be bringing Halloween watercolors, gouache paintings as well as a few oils and acrylics. Its always a great time so stop by and say hello! Halloween and Vine

My Next Solo show in New Orleans is Scheduled for October 2007 at the Big Top Gallery and will be part of the "Art for Arts Sake" celebration. I will focus on clown Machines and uncomfortable animals for this show. The Big Top