Matthew Kirscht was born in Glendora, NJ in 1973. From a young age he knew art would be his life. Graphic design, cartooning, illustration, painting and sculpture were all pursuits he spent time learning. In these earlier years, most of his work was brought to the public through zines, art markets, folk art galleries and commissions. In 2004 He quit his job as a graphic designer and decided to start over, with fine art as his full time obsession.

Matthew relocated to New Orleans and poured all of his effort and knowledge of the various art disciplines into painting. He had his first solo show there at the Big Top Gallery in June and July of 2005. Since that time He has shown work in Montana, New York, Virginia, Washington DC and California. He released his first book of Halloween art, "10/31" in August of 2007 and resumed production of limited edition postcards in October 2007. He most recent venture involves a series of limited edition cloisonne pins manufactured by the Pop Culture Pin Trading company.


The Big Top Gallery, New Orleans, LA
"The Veil is At Its Thinnest"
UPCOMING October 2009

Dante's Kitchen, New Orleans, LA
"The Clown Machine & Other Deceits"
Dec-Feb. 2007

The Big Top Gallery, New Orleans, LA
"The Clown Machine & Other Deceits"
October 2007

The UC Gallery, Missoula, MT
"The Clown Machine & Other Deceits"
September 2007

The Big Top Gallery, New Orleans, LA
“Born 1973, Lost 1978”
June 2005


The Big Top Gallery, New Orleans, LA
June 2009

Jonathan Ferrare Gallery, New Orleans, LA
"No Dead Artists"
August 2008

River Oaks Square Arts Center, Alexandria, VA
"Masters of Miniature Art Show
December, 2007

Ceratana Gallery, Missoula, MT
"Making It"
Feb. 2007

Brooklyn Lyceum, Brooklyn, NY
“Surge: New Orleans on High Ground”
Aug. 29, 2006 – Nov. 4, 2006

Ceratana Gallery, Missoula, MT
"Art we Love: From Our Own Collections"
Sep. 2006

Limner Gallery, Hudson, NY
“Strange Figurations”
Sep. 20, 2006 – Oct.14, 2006

Warehouse Gallery, Washington DC
“Arty Gras”
February 28, 2006 – March 19, 2006


Halloween & Vine, Napa, CA
2006, 2005, 2003

The Halloween Opera, Jim Thorpe, PA
2005, 2004, 2003, 2002

The Costa Mesa Folk Art invitational, Costa Mesa, CA
2003, 2002, 2001, 2000

Pickle, Sheep & Monkey, Masonite & His Iceberg, Apple Gone Stinky,
Sewage Waste Disposal Unit #1-7, Pictology #1 & 2, The Shiver Bones Group,
The Earth Distress Book, 661 #1 &2
"10/31", 78 pages, hard bound, 2007


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