Spookshow Funnies!

One of my favorite pop culture items of the past have always been 1960's & 70's trading cards
featuring classic monster imagery with funny captions, so I decided to make some of my own.

This is what I came up with... Spookshow Funnies! A set of 27 different cards, each one printed on 365 GSM
100% archival cotton paper using high quality ink jet inks. I hand cut each card by hand, and assemble them
into packs. Each card is signed on the back. There are only 50 of each card being produced.

The backs feature either a puzzle piece, or text describing various "True Weird Things" by Dr. Stanislav Brigadees.
To keep with the spirit of the production values of classic sets, I have purposely made some of the backs off center.
All fronts are in center though.

Visit my etsy shop to order some for yourself!


I have made some changes which have affected the intital printing plates of the cards. I do believe now though, that all printing plates are as they should be. Several earlier printings still had some blue lines on the back, these are gone now.

Card #23 has 2 versions. After the intial 3 plates were printed, I decided the image was weak and replaced it with a stronger one.

Card #5 has 2 versions, each facing a different way. There are 6 copies of the figure facing left before it was changed

Cards #20, 22, 23 each have 5 versions with a puzzle back, all other versions have text

Cards #24, 25, 26 have 10 copies with a puzzle back, all the rest are text.

These variations are part of the intentional breakdown of the plates

Card #21 comes with 2 different puzzle backs & a text back

Cards #8 & 17 have 2 different puzzle backs in equal quantity

Cards #1, 4, 5, & 27 have either a puzzle back or text back



All Images Copyright 2009, Matthew Kirscht